Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fun Camp For The Children and Mom

After much prayer and consideration for our family and our finances I came up with a great solution for activities for our children during the summer. I call it Virtue Family Fun Camp; each week we meet a the park for lunch, a reading review, a craft activity and a sports activity and it's relatively priceless. To make this a special event each week, I invite other families to join us.

At the beginning of the summer I put together a schedule which shows exactly what each week will entail. The reading schedule consist of a different reading category each week i.e. classic, mystery, biography etc. As an added bonus I reward my children weekly for their reading success. I vary the craft using things like wood craft kits, beads, stamps, pom poms, chenille stems, felt and more. Each family must bring their own supplies and we encourage the children to make their own project either with a kit or using their creativity. The sports activities are group activities or games such as basketball, kickball, soccer, and even kite flying. The children are usually divided into two groups a younger group and an older group. To assist and lead the activities with the younger children I seek a teenager to volunteer. To keep my older children involved I have encouraged them to be camp leaders and come up with some of the craft and sports activities and lead them. While the children are engaged in the sports activity the moms enjoy a book review and have prayer time. This keeps our family having fun together and it keeps me from running children all around throughout the summer for various activities. This has a become a regular summer event for us and the children are always excited to participate.

If you would like to share what you do for summer fun with your family or to receive a copy of my schedule or you want to join us please leave a comment.


  1. HI, Michelle,

    I would most definitely like to be part of this. I can also bring my 14 year old, Hannah, to assist. I would bring Ben and Sarah and the 3 children that I am a Nanny to. Do you have an idea for a day?? I am getting the summer calendar ready for us and my Nanny job...just need an idea. THANKS!!!

  2. Carrie,

    Thank you for your interest. I am excited to fellowship with you and your family this summer! We will be meeting Monday's beginning June 13, 2011, 1-4 p.m. at Lazelle Road Park in Worthington. I will post the schedule this week. Make sure you are subscribe to this blog so you don't miss it.