Thursday, April 11, 2013

Save Money For Summer Fun

Now is the time to consider what you would like to do with your family this summer.  Some of us plan for our children to attend camps or summer classes while others choose to plan a family vacation.  Whatever your desire for fun and relaxation this summer it is sure to cost money.  If you're like me, you live on a budget and must plan how to include these extra expenses into the big picture.  I have found that my grocery budget is the most flexible category in my budget.  Since the grocery budget is not a fixed price or a bill to be paid, I can choose to shop and save, thus giving me a nest egg for the extras...i.e. summer fun!  

When grocery shopping, my greatest savings come from using coupons.  I have made coupon clipping a regular part of my weekly tasks so it will not feel like one more thing on my To Do List. I have also decided that shopping at more that one store is a wise choice, as you know some stores have greater everyday prices on certain items so if these stores are having a sale..."cha-ching".

To learn more about how to shop and save come, join me at my Coupon Gathering and Coupon 101 Class, Monday, April 15, 2013 at 6:30 p.m., and learn how to shop and SAVE BIG on groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies etc., how to organize your coupons and where to find coupons on the internet. You will also learn how to set up our computers for convenient daily updates from coupon bloggers, facebook pages etc. and much more! Cost just $10. Not interested in taking the class , come for the Coupon is a great opportunity to join like-minded women to cut, print and organize coupons as well as make your grocery list while enjoying a light snack and a beverage. I will share current shopping deals and scenarios. For your convenience I offer wifi and a printer. Cost just $5. Contact me today to reserve your spot.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buy a Longaberger basket...bless the Bowies!

As a result of our recent house fire we lost a lot of our belongings.  Over the years I accumulated several Longaberger baskets and wanted to replace them because I found them to be very useful and durable, able to withstand the activities of our busy household.  The cost to replace them was huge and even though we were being reimbursed by our insurance company I wanted to be sure to make a wise purchase.  When contacting a Longaberger consultant she encouraged me to make the most of my money and become a consultant at a cost of $49 which gave me the opportunity to receive $200 in merchandise FREE as well as gave me the ability to make the commission from my own sale which allowed me to purchase additional merchandise at NO additional cost.  I was grateful for such insight and the opportunity to make good use of our money.

There are still things we have need of for our home and I am asking for your help. If you or any of your family or friends purchase Longaberger, please consider using my website to make your purchases.  When you buy a basket, pottery etc. from me as a consultant you bless the BowiesThe commission from these sales will bless our family with income to be able to refurnish our home.  Below please find the current and upcoming sales for this month to help make wise purchases. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

It's the final week before Tax Day on April 15, and Longaberger has some BIG savings planned NOW through Monday!
On Wednesday, April 10 beginning at noon through midnight on Monday, April 15 three of our most popular baskets are on sale at great prices!  The Cake, Social Gathering, and Everyday Essentials Baskets are offered at savings up to 50% off in 15 different colors!  They are hardworking baskets with and without our pottery, and with this color selection will work in every room of your home. You can order these directly through my website  or call  614-431-2307 or e-mail me at to place the order.  Visit the website to view photos and see color details and more
Also, all of our Longaberger at home showroom locations including Longaberger at home online are having a 30% off sale on EVERYTHING through Monday, April 15.  In addition, our retired So Rachel jewelry collection is available for an additional 30% off on Tuesday, April 9 from noon until midnight.  You can shop this sale directly through my website at  and choose the Longaberger at Home link on the left side of the page. 
Don't forget -- we are offering our terrific pottery sale in our April flyer the entire month of April, and this is the month to order our Mother's Day Baskets too -- orders are guaranteed for Mother's Day delivery if placed by Monday, April 15. If you have any questions on any of these offers please let me know!  I am currently hosting an online show (SHOW ID 15837864) through April 20, 2013.  Just use this show ID with my name as host to place your order. Thank you for your support.