Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Building A Stockpile For Your Family

It's a good idea to buy extra items when they are on sale, especially staples, those items you use on a regular bases. To build a grocery stockpile you should make a list of dry goods (rice, pasta, flour) frozen foods (frozen vegetables and meats) and canned goods (vegetables, beans, tomato)e sauce and paste) . Consider the recipes you frequently use as well as your weekly meal planner. You should also add paper products (toilet paper, napkins, paper towel) and toiletries (tooth paste, lotion, deodorant) to your stockpile list. Refer to this list when you scan the grocery sales ads to make your weekly shopping list so you can be sure to make your purchases when the items are marked down. For greater savings, look for a coupon for the items that you find on sale and when it is feasible buy more than one of the same item especially if you have multiple coupons.

Before you start shopping to build a stockpile it would be wise to make room for your items in your pantry by clearing a couple of shelves. Your basement is a good place to add cabinets or shelves for extra storage. You can even use your garage just be mindful of the frequent change in temperature. To stay organized you should arrange your shelves like the grocers do. Arrange cans and boxes in nice neat rows so you can see what you have at a glance. Put things in storage containers when necessary.

To keep your stockpile you should set a restock limit. Our limit is one; when you leave one on the shelf that item is to be added to the shopping list, not when you open the last one because with a our large family you could use that one item your are taking quickly. When you put new items on the shelf, store them in the back of the current item to make sure you use the item that will expire soon first. When you make your shopping list, check your pantry so you can add the items that have reached their restock limit as you find that they are on sale.

What do you do to keep your family stockpile current and organized?

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