Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How To Use E-Coupons

Electronic Coupons or E-coupons are a new item in the coupon world. These are coupons that are downloaded to your customer loyalty card and then redeemed at the time of purchase. You now have the choice of saving money without clipping coupons. To get started you must first get a customer loyalty card from the cashier or service desk of your grocery store. This is the card you present each time you shop to receive discounts and specials. If your grocery store offers e-coupons you can find them on the stores website. Before you browse the coupons it is important for you to register and log into your account. You can then select the e-coupons you are interested in. Note the expiration date and the quantity of the items necessary to receive the discount.

Another way to find e-coupons is to visit e-coupon websites such as Cellfire, Shortcuts and Proctor and Gamble. These companies have contracts with a variety of grocery stores; when you register you will need to select your grocery store and enter the number on your customer loyalty card to redeem e-coupons.

Currently e-coupons do not double, thus you will not receive the drastic savings you may be used to if you clip coupons and receive double the face value of the coupon, but they are good to have when you are purchasing two items and you only have one paper coupon. When you are at the grocery store it may be difficult to remember what items you have e-coupons downloaded for so, when you make your shopping list mark the items with e-coupons with (e-c) in the left hand margin. E-coupons are great for items that don't normally offer coupons in the paper form. I have found to get the best use out of my e-coupons it is a good practice to make my shopping list online and then to browse e-coupons after I have made my list so that I can add them for the items I do not have paper coupons for.

Do you use e-coupons? If so, where and how?

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