Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why a Walk-a-thon and Why 10 miles?

We are having Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon on Saturday, July 13, 2013 and many have wondered and some have asked us why a walk-a-thon?  So, I'd like to answer that question and I hope you will then join us in our walk of obedience unto the Lord.

We too have posed the question "why" unto the Lord with regards to this whole incidence of the loss of our home to a fire...why did our home catch on fire, why did we loose so many of our belongings, why did we have to make a home somewhere else temporarily, why did the first builder move so slowly and not get work permits, why did our home shift to the extent of major repair...why, why, why?  Well, many of the questions that we have posed to God may never be answered we just have to trust Him.

One thing I do know is that in the midst of this season in which we lack understanding we must obey the Lord.  God does not always reveal to us that which we feel we need to know, but He does give wisdom freely when we ask for it.  When I asked for wisdom regarding provisions for beds for our family he laid Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon on my heart.  Again, I did not understand, but I chose to walk in humility and obey.

Support for Beds for Bowie Walk-a-thon has caused me to ask again, why?  Why aren't we receiving much support Lord?  We have received support from a bedding company who will give us a discount on mattresses.  Thank you, Lord!  This is a big help, but we need to raise the funds to pay for them.  We have not received much support with regards to "walkers", those willing to walk to raise money.  It has been brought to my attention that 10 miles is just too many miles to consider.  So, I sought the Lord for clarity...10 beds for 10 Bowies, thus the 10 miles.  But, it's not necessary for each one to walk 10 miles.  If each person just walked 1 mile for 1 Bowie and got 10 sponsors who will give a donation for that 1 mile walked that would be a great help!  If one is ambitious and  willing to walk more than 1 mile, they can choose 2 Bowies and walk 2 miles.   They can choose to walk as much or as little as they'd like.  I am so grateful to God for wisdom and clarity!

Will you join us?  If so, please contact us so we can send you an official Beds for Bowies Pledge Form, choose a Bowie (or 2...) and you will be ready to get sponsors and collect donations! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

All Things Are Possible With God

My plan, as a young adult was to have 2 children and then I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord.  Twenty-two years and ten children later, I am amazed that I am the mother of so many "wonderfully made" people.  Though they are all Bowies, they are obviously individuals, created in His image, what a task for Walter and I to train each one unto the Lord.  We are so inadequate in and of ourselves.  How do we do it Lord?  How do we show each one love...sharpen each ones character...pray for each one...daily?

All things are possible with God!  I seek Him continuously regarding each and everyone of our gifts, MiKyle, Elijah, Kelaiah, Nehemiah, Micah, Isaiah, Zechariah, Ezekiel, Zephaniah and Malachi.  I take my responsibility and my privilege of training our children very seriously.  As a mother I have the task of nurturing each one from infancy.  To nurture one is to know one and to know one is to spend time with one, individually as well as collectively and provide them with sustenance, spiritual, mental and physical sustenance.  What a great task with three generations of children.  I often have to remind myself...all things are possible with God.

Over the years I have learned how to group ones and how to invite ones individually into my "throne of grace", that place where they receive attention and love and my 'throne of instruction and discipline", that place where they receive wise counsel and rebuke.  Again, all things are possible with God, O how I trust Him.  Often times I am unsure if these encounters are effective, but I find peace in knowing I am in constant communion with God on their behalf.

This week I had the privilege of seeing a few of our young adults takes steps of responsibility and a couple of my younger children taking steps of responsibility; each one excepting their season of life and learning that with privileges comes responsibility.  I am in awe; in the midst of each of those situations was God...wooing with the Holy Spirit, convicting, affirming...ministering to our children and I had the privilege of experiencing it with them.  What a privilege and an honor!  It is times like these that I am inspired to press on.

As a mother, each day brings about its challenges, situations that stretch me and lead me to God for wisdom, joy and peace for this is not an easy task.  But, I must say it is a rewarding task.  I am a better person, a better servant of God all because I was chosen to be the mother of each of these Bowie children for they sharpen me and I am committed to not be weary in well doing, but instead to take up my cross daily and follow Him and be the best Mommy, Mom, Momma, I can be!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Walking with Him...will you join us?

Walking takes a bit of confidence, first one step and then another.  Walking with God along this journey of life is just like that, one step at a time.  I took a few steps of faith and obedience unto the Lord after seeking Him for wisdom for provisions for beds for our family.  Quite frankly, this is a humbling experience for me, personally.  Not just the act of asking others for help, but more so, it is humbling to see the manifestation of God's love through him speaking to my heart so clearly and leading me to have this event, His event, and then to see Him at work...humbling indeed.  I am excited about the support and encouragement we have received so far for Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon. 

To give an update on what God is doing, one of my friends took the liberty to contact a bedding company on our behalf to obtain support for Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon and we have been offered a discount on mattresses,  praise the Lord!!!  We have also received a few donations, again, praise the Lord!!!  This has confirmed that we are in His will with this event. It just excites me because taking these steps of faith have been with some hesitation; even knowing it was from God, it seemed a bit precarious.  Thank you God for being the firm foundation on which I stand and a hand to hold when I walk with you!

Well, I have continued to ponder and plan the day of the event and now the order of the day is in place, but we need "walkers"... will you walk with us? This is a 10-mile walk.  We need ones who are willing to take on the challenge.  You can set your own goal.  For instance, you may plan to walk 5 miles of the 10-mile walk, great goal! Now, will you contact us to register as a "walker" and then share with your family and friends to get sponsors?  You can ask for $1 per mile from each sponsor, a total of $5.  If you have 10 sponsors you will raise $50!  Are you in...we need YOU!

Some have asks us if they could just make a donation.  Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.  To do so there is a "fire fund" set up for our family. This fund has been established at Fifth Third Bank. You can walk into the bank and simply identify the fund by name and make your donation or you can use this information at your own bank by giving it online or in person when making a transfer.  The information to do so is as follows:

Fifth Third Bank
Fund name: Walter Bowie Fire Fund
Routing number: 044002161
Account number: 728364

Please keep us in your prayers.  Pray that God's will be done with the Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon, that everyone participating will be safe, no dehydration or cramps and that His light will shine through each of us that day.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beds for Bowies

As most of you know, on Sunday, November 4, 2012 our family experienced a house fire in which 2/3 of our home was damaged and 2/3 of our belongs lost. We are grateful to God that everyone escaped safely, no smoke inhalation, nor injury.

This summer, I am diligently seeking furniture and accessories "second hand' to reestablish our home.  In doing so, I have been met with the reality that we all need new mattresses and "second hand' mattresses are just not an option.  Have you priced the cost of a new mattress lately, one that will last you more that a year or two?  Now, multiply that times 10!!!  EXPENSIVE... to put it mildly.  

Humbly, I have been asking God for wisdom.  It was laid on my heart to have a walk-a-thon.  That's right, "Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon", Saturday, July 13, 2013, at 9:00 a.m.  We will first meet at our home at 8:00 a.m. and pray over the reconstruction and for our family.  Would you join us for prayer?  Then, we will drive to Lazelle Woods Park for a 10 mile walk-a-thon, would you sponsor one of us, $1 per mile?

We are also seeking sponsorship from a business or corporation who is willing to purchase a bed or beds for our family.  Do you know of such a business or corporation?  Please contact me. 

If you'd like to give a financial blessing, there is a "fire fund" set up for our family. This fund has been established at Fifth Third Bank. You can walk into the bank and simply identify the fund by name and make your donation or you can use this information at your own bank by giving it online or in person when making a transfer.  The information to do so is as follows:

Fifth Third Bank
Fund name: Walter Bowie Fire Fund
Routing number: 044002161
Account number: 7283640

We would appreciate your support.  Just as important as financial blessings, we are in need of prayer for continued wisdom, discernment, patience and peace for each of us.  Thank you in advance for your considerations for our family.

We Are Overcomers

The good news of the construction being back in process comes with the revelation of  some "shifting" that has happen to our home, another bump in the road.  Obviously, the repair of the foundation of our home was not an option.  It was very necessary and very costly.  Unfortunately, the insurance company will not cover this as it is considered "a pre-existing condition".  I pray that we don't run into any more unexpected expenses. 

What a journey of faith unto the Lord this has been for us all, individually as well as collectively; we have overcome so much in Him.  God has been so merciful to carry us every step of the way.  He has provided us with a comfortable home, we've completed our school year and are now happily engaging in Summer fun i.e. bike riding, zoo visits and park fun all with items that we were blessed with (read more here   

Each week Kelaiah and I diligently seek to find household items, furniture etc. on clearance and at thrift stores and garage sales that I can "renew" for our home and then the work begins...sanding, striping, staining and painting.
Great find!  I have been pricing ottomans...$100 and up

My cost for this solid wood ottoman...$6.99 + the cost of fabric!

I have learned so much about God and myself during this season.  He has given me gifts and talents for such a time as this.  He has also given me the will and desire to embrace this season instead of begrudging it as I would if I didn't have Him.

Our God is omniscient and for that I am glad.  Because He knows all and sees all, he is aware of what will happen and thus he has a plan.  A plan to give us wisdom, a plan to give us peace, a plan to give us joy and even a plan for our provisions. To sum it up, I am in awe with His lovingkindness and grace unto my family.  In the midst of this season, in Him I have peace and by His grace...we are overcomers!

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.  John 16:33

Thursday, June 13, 2013

His Plan, My Desire....His Blessing, My Reality

A few weeks ago, as I considered the fact that our Summer was going to be spent in the temporary home and that it was my responsibility to present this to my family with joy and zeal.  My heart was heavy; I just couldn't see it.  The backyard is spacious, yet, it is void of furniture, flowers...functionality and the deck, well let's just say it's seen better days. We also lacked outdoor equipment for the children to play with i.e. balls (basketball, football, dodge ball, soccer ball etc.) and wheels (skateboards, bikes and roller blades).  In my conversations with the Lord I told him of my woes, okay, I had a pity party before Him. God's presence and his listening ear was a comfort to me; I felt a peace in my heart.

As I went about my Tuesday morning ventures of seeking items to renew, I walked right into two cute, metal beverage tables and I suddenly had a vision me painting them and placing them on that old deck covered with an outdoor carpet, flanked with a couple of cute chairs surrounded by beautiful clay pots painted by my daughter.  I walked over to check the price...$2 each!  I snatched them right up with a smile.  My Tuesday venture now had a specific purpose...decorating the deck and readying myself for Spring.  I smiled at God, for I knew it was his plan.

I decided on a color palette and set my heart and mind to the task.  I painted the tables and for the next few days, I browsed through many thrift stores for outdoor furniture and accessories.

It was my heart's desire to set the stage for sweet fellowship.  With a limited budget and the fact that I may not have use for the items when we return home I was determined to find bargains.   While looking for these items I found a few balls, a plastic bat and a skateboard.  I also picked up seeds, potting soil and flower pots, all within my budget.  I could just see what an inviting space it would be!

The week long shopping venture was tiring, but fun, as I only gave myself one week to complete the shopping, planting and renewing of the items I found because my project "to do list" was already more than I would have liked.  I also wanted my family to begin to enjoy the outdoor space and all that God had blessed us with.

Well, after a bit of soap and water, paint and clear sealant and the help of my artistic daughter, we now have a very functional space, a container garden and a few outside activities.  His plan is my reality, now we can certainly have sweet fellowship here!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grateful to God and His People

We are so grateful for the kindness of others!  The love of God has been displayed to us over and over by His people.  It is not by coincidence that when we humble ourselves and let others know we have a need or a desire it is given us and often times the blessing is beyond our imagination.  That's God.  Through prayer and humility, I have seen His will be done over and over again.

Earlier, in a blog posted, I share that I was looking for bikes for our children.  Within hours, literally, less that 24 hours, we were offered four bikes.  What a blessing!  Our children really wanted bikes to ride this summer and we just could not for see purchasing seven bikes...yes, seven.  We generally acquire things one at a time, on an as need bases, unless it is given as a birthday gift.  So, to say the least we were in awe with God for answering our request, a mere desire, not really a need, so quickly through His people.

To say the least the Bowie children are very happy and very grateful for such blessings. I am just so thankful to God.  When He blesses, he does so  with such love and it is, as I said "beyond my imagination!