Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quality Time On A Dime

As I mentioned yesterday, a few weeks ago it was laid on my heart to spend more time with my husband each weekend this summer. It was our normal practice to get dressed up and go out once a month for dinner and a movie. Well, for us once a month is just not often enough right now, so we will be having a simple date each week. We need uninterrupted time alone, time to talk, laugh, take a walk or maybe even make out at the park :). This will be a double blessing, we will spend more time together and less money. Our monthly date usually cost about $50 and I have budgeted our weekly dates at $10 each week, that's $40 a month . Even with this budget I want to be creative and give my husband a choice of where we will go and what will do.

I have printed or clipped coupons for:
Dine In
Bucca di Beppo $10 off any purchase of $20 or more
The Spaghetti Warehouse Buy One Get One FREE Lasagne or Spaghetti
Fridays $5 off purchase of $15 or more
Max and Erma's FREE Chips and Guacamole
Steak and Shake Various Meal Deals and Buy One Free Milk Shake

Take Out (and Picnic)
Quiznos Sub or Salad Buy One Get One FREE

So far we have gone to Steak and Shake $10 (purchased two meals using coupons and a tip), Smoothie King $4.99 ((Buy one get one free smoothie) and Barnes and Noble Cafe $4.29 (Buy one get one free smoothie). We have enjoyed our quiet times together at the restaurant, in the car and walking through the mall. It's truly not about where we go, what we do or the money we spend, it's all about having time alone with my husband, my friend.

How do you and your spouse spend quality time on a dime?

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