Monday, June 6, 2011

New Mercies!

I am so grateful to know that our God gives us new mercies each day! Yesterday just was not a good day for me. I was tested and tried and I responded in flesh. I lacked patience and self-control. I chose to walk in the flesh even though the holy spirit was drawing me, clearly telling me I needed to rest in Him.

I don't like days like that, days when I feel vengeful and deserving, acting as if I am God's gift to man and my feelings really matter. Well, they don't matter, not in the big scheme of things. I was created to glorify God and enjoy Him, to exemplify Him no matter what my situation or circumstance is or how I feel at that moment. I am so glad I serve a patient God. For as the day came to a close, my Abba Father spoke to me and I listened. He calmed my doubts and my frustrations and reminded me of His plan for me.

Oh, how I love Jesus! My day ended in peace because of who He is. He is God the Almighty, full of power and grace. He gives me new mercies each and every day, even when I don't deserve them.

Share about the new mercies that God has given you!

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