Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Just Don't Have Time For Coupons

I have been addressed at the check out counter many times by people who see the end result of my savings when I hand the cashier my coupons and the balance is about half the cost of my initial bill and they say things like, "I just don't have time for coupons". I gently respond and tell them, I just don't have time to work. I have a full time job, I am a wife and mother and I find it a privilege to be at home, available to keep a home for my husband and to train our children. Money is a necessity, but I don't have to have an income, I can contribute my time and my wisdom to what my husband provides for our home and that gives us an increase, not in what earn but in what we save.

I understand that cutting coupons can be a chore at first, but the benefits are worth keeping this a part of my lifestyle and weekly routine. One of my many tasks as administrator of our home is to manage the finances. This appears on my weekly to do list three or four days a week and cutting coupons is one of the items covered as part of that task. I also visit a handful of coupon blog sites each week to stay current on the grocery store and drug store ads and to print coupons. Here is a glance a my weekly schedule:

Sunday-Scan the Sunday sales ads and plan any purchases to be made this week, clip and file coupons, make drugstore shopping list

Monday-Host a coupon class and gathering (this is to add to our income), start grocery shopping lists

Tuesday-Enter household receipts in the computer

Wednesday-Read blogs and print coupons, shop at the drugstores

Thursday-Enter household receipts in the computer and pay household bills

Friday-Read blogs and print coupons

Saturday-Shop at the grocery stores

Having these tasks scheduled have kept me organized and current on the deals which allows me to save money in all aspects of spending money.

Do you manage the finances in your home, if so, how?

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