Sunday, January 6, 2013

Still Planning

What a day!  I have really enjoyed listening to my praise music while working on my computer in my bedroom with my lilac candle and my cup of coffee. But, of course a mother's job is never done; I have also...washed clothes, cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinner while watching a little football with my man.  Later, I spent time listening and talking to my daughter who has been away on a retreat, ate dinner with the family and still have coupons to clip...okay you get the picture.  This is why I am still planning :).

With much more to get done, I am sure I will be up well into the night, but right now my heart is rejoicing in the Lord.  Knowing the tasks I had before me today when I woke up this morning I prayed and asked the Lord for wisdom and specifically asked that it come from Walter.  It blessed my heart so when Walter gave me encouragement and wise counsel and then support throughout the day.  Thank you God for you know my hearts desires and your promises are true; for this has been a very peaceful, productive day!

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