Monday, January 28, 2013

Recollect...Resolve and Replenish

It has been two and a half months since the fire took place in our home and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There are so many aspects to getting reestablished; obtaining the necessary items to do life was our first tasks and we are grateful that those immediate needs have been met.  Then, there is the reconstruction of our home and the consideration for the cost and details to begin and complete this project without debt that we did not have prior to this tragedy.  That process has been at bit slow, but we are confident that God is in the midst. And, now the daunting task of recollecting the contents of our home before the fire. This is the process as of late that has me, personally, challenged.

Immediately after the fire God, did not move me to be part of the process of gathering our personal belongs from the rubble as He moved Walter to do so.  I am grateful for the wisdom from the Lord not to indulge in that task at the time for it brings forth many emotions, those of grief but also of joy and much gratefulness unto Him for being our provider.  It is now time that I must not only engage myself in this process, but it is important for me to do it with God that He might give me insight, patience and peace to recollect, resolve and replenish each ones personal belongings.

There is so much to consider; the loss of personal items for 11 people is just great, as the worse damage to our home took place in our bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.  I have been prayerful as I know I must be the one to go through our things.  I am seeking the Lord for discernment in this that I might know what is missing, that which was actually lost in the midst of the flames.

The first group of boxes I am going through are the boxes of clothing, shoes, linen, rugs, curtains etc. that was sent to the cleaners.  It is good that I am taking this time and not waiting until we return home; I just got started and I am finding items that are still smoke filled, damaged by the fire or damaged in the process of cleaning.  This week we will also review the home furnishings and furniture that remain and have been processed to this point.  I have had many thoughts and experienced may emotions thus far.  I would appreciate your prayers; they are powerful, for I know they have sustained us through this season. Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Your inquiries and prayers have displayed the kindness and love of Jesus.

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