Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quiet Time-The God in Me

I am grateful for my quiet time each morning.  Though it is a sacrifice, I get up at 4:45 during the week to spend time with Jesus all by myself; it is then that He speaks to me so clearly.  As a home school mom of 8 of our children, I am rarely alone, so I find this time to be precious.  It is when and how God prepares my heart and mind for the tasks of the day.

This morning He confronted me and gave me insight.  I was humbled by His presence and his purposeful ministry unto me.  He revealed his Word unto me and showed me how easily my flesh could reign unto destruction. As I replied to Him with thanksgiving, I felt relieved, refreshed and renewed; there is nothing like fellowship with Him.  As I reflected upon that I was inspired to write this poem, for I am so glad I am His child and He is my Lord.

The God in Me

I am thankful for the God in me, without Him I am nothing
I take it not for granted that He died for me and rose again that I might live.
He chose me and resides in me; I am His and He is mine... the God in me.
To be good is not good enough and to be right is not righteousness
It is but a moments satisfaction to my flesh...mere happiness, fleeting, passing away with time.
He makes me special, unique, a beauty to experience and embrace.
The God in me gives me joy, maintains peace and purpose in my heart and stability unto mind.
With Him I am satisfied in my soul and filled with wisdom and insight
Inspired to live life abundantly to fulfill the purpose for which I was created.
I have hope and access to Him who resides in me; He is the anchor of my soul.
He confronts, convicts and comforts me; He is my breath of life, the reason that I live.
He makes me, Me.  He moves me and keeps me
For I am never alone, never without Him...the God in me.

Michele Bowie
Copyright 2013

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