Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun In The Sun At Cedar Point

Our church had it's annual Cedar Point trip for the middle school and high school students. I have attended every year for seven years as a chaperone. This gives me the opportunity to get to know the middle school girls that each year I have had the pleasure of leading in the TURN program at Heritage Christian Church. It also gives me an opportunity to hang out with my own children who are able to participate.

Kelaiah invited Megan, her life long friend to go with us. The girls turned it in to a few days of girl time. In preparation for the big day, Kelaiah and I had gone shopping for fun girls stuff. She got matching t-shirts, flip flops and backpacks, lip gloss, nail polish etc.. On the back of the t-shirts she wrote "Best" on one and "Friend" on the other. Megan came over on Tuesday evening and they did their nails and laid out their clothes as they planned the next day's events.

Later on that night, I took the girls and Nehemiah shopping for snacks and beverage for the bus ride to and from. They were all so excited. This was Nehemiah's first time going to Cedar Point. He really was not interested in the big roller coasters, but his sister convinced him to go. She worked to purchase his ticket and bought him a water bottle and a hat just for the trip. He was excited about the fun to be had with her and his friends.

This was the first time I took a baby with me. Yes, baby Malachi went to Cedar Point. I was not willing to leave my little guy for a whole day, so I packed him up and took him with us. It was a joy to look down at him in the front carrier throughout the day. When the children were all on the rides it was me and my baby gazing into each others eyes as he smiled and cooed at his mama.

Having a big family I have learned to make adjustments as not to miss a single event. Each of the children have looked forward to my participation in this annual event; I did not want to disappoint them. I think it is very important to show them they are more important than my circumstances and well worth the sacrifice. I am grateful to God for his provisions of good health, a willing heart and a wonderful husband. It truly was a fun day in the sun!

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