Friday, July 8, 2011

Sowing and Reaping

Parenting is a process of sowing and reaping. It must be done consistently, with patience and zeal from the Father. I look to God as my mentor when it comes to parenting. He has the green thumb necessary for the growth of our children. He exemplifies much character when dealing with me as his child and I desire to parent like Him. Daily it is necessary to cultivate the heart and mind of our children, the soil, so they can receive those seeds that will be planted. This cultivating is done not only by what we say as parents but, I believe more so, by what we do before them. We must show them how to follow Christ.

Communication is the fertilizer; it is essential for the spiritual growth of the child and the growth of a strong relationship between the parents and the child. As my children have gotten older I found that it has been natural for us to talk about life as they experience puberty and young adulthood because I have always taken the time to share with them with the hopes of imparting wisdom and understanding. Along with talking to them, I learned along time ago it is very important to give them an opportunity to speak. I ask my children if they understand what has been said and for their input, validating them as an individual, a child of God. For I am not always right and I am willing to learn and grow with them.

Discipline and instruction are all a part of the weeding process. Children are born foolish and we are chosen by God to lead our children in the way they should go. While the children are young more discipline is necessary to draw them unto our authority and the authority of Christ. Instruction begins to replace discipline as the children grow older and wiser for they will have experienced a few consequences and are in need of more guidance and affirmation to keep them on the straight and narrow path.

The reaping is seen greatly in the rhetoric stage of life, young adulthood and throughout the balance of our children's lives. My prayer is that they will continue to blossom as they apply all that was and is imparted unto them that they might have life abundantly.

Do you see parenting as sowing and reaping? Explain.

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