Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friends and Fellowship

Having multiple children has encouraged me to be creative with how to give my children as well as myself opportunities for fellowship with friends in the summer. I am not one to taxi my children around town or farm them out to others, so our home has become the gathering place at least one day, each week in the summer. Usually on Tuesdays, we have "Friends Day", a time when each of our children can invite one friend to come hangout, eat burgers and hot dogs and swim. This is an instant party when you have as many children as we do. It is a blast for everyone! It gives Walter and I an opportunity to engage with our children and get to know their friends.

Last night we had a family join us for a bit of fun and fellowship. We enjoyed hanging out and talking, while the children enjoyed one another. They played in the pool until about ten o'clock, finally with the volleyball net down and the big splash contest over they retired from the water for a bite to eat and a few minutes of Xbox Kinnect. I praise God for His many blessing...our health, a home and a heart of hospitality!

What do you do with your children for fun at your home?

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