Friday, July 1, 2011

Home School...Planning For The Days To Come

July is the month in which I plan for the current school year. We usually take a vacation over the Fourth of July, and I take that time to reflect and refer to God for insight, wisdom and direction for our home school plans. I consider the success and failures of the previous year as well as the needs and desires for the current year. God has always given me much grace each summer blessing me with renewed faith and a fresh perspective that motivates me and gives me confidence to move forward. This year our vacation is delayed until the end of the month, but I will start today with prayer, casting my cares upon the Lord.

I am seeking God with anticipation. We have come through a big transition in our family, starting a full time business, being pregnant and having our tenth child in the past year. God's grace and mercy has carried us and I have gleaned much wisdom from the Lord. I have a glimpse of what God is doing with our family in this season and it excites me to know we are in His will. Though I don't have the full plan, I have peace and confidence in Him, so I will continue to seek him daily for His plan to prevail.

Technically, our school year began with a Summer quarter of Learning Enrichment. We indulge twice weekly in arithmetic and grammar lessons. I am teaching seven of our children ranging from eleventh grade to kindergarten. I use the Trivium and we are on the third year which is the year for Chemistry and Modern History. I hope to engage in few more field trips this summer relating to our areas of study.

Looking ahead to Fall quarter, as I gather material for each child's level of learning I must be prayerful as to how to teach them. Each child is different and they learn differently as well. I want to encourage them to grow in character even more than I do in academics. I need the Lord to reveal to me how to lead each one unto Him. I am also seeking God regarding our daily schedule as it will relate to education and work. We anticipate having at least one more of our sons join my husband in our family business this year, so the schedule is an important factor to be considered.

Home schooling is a part of our lifestyle. We recognize our call to home school as not just the act of educating our children in academics, but as an opportunity to walk in the responsibility of training our children and preparing them for life. What a privilege! This is sure to be a busy month of prayer and preparation and I am delighted to engage with God in this endeavor.

When and how do you prepare for the next school year?

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