Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grocery Savings Can Equal Gas Savings

There are a lot of offers for saving money on groceries, some of which offer you savings on gasoline as well. The most recent offer I have found is at CVS. Yes, even the drugstores are getting in on the competition. Now it is very common to find groceries in the drugstores. Unlike the grocery stores of the past that would generally offer to fill prescriptions and would be stocked with basic over the counter medicinal needs and few hygiene products, you can find a variety pantry and refrigerated items available as well. With these products available it makes it easy for CVS to get in the game and draw us in to purchase items and save big.

To shop at CVS and save on gas you will need to spend $30 on specially marked items and they will present you with a $10 gift card to a local gas station. The cards may vary by store. Each week the specially marked items change, so it is important to check the sales ad weekly. I received one of these gas cards a couple of weeks ago and used my gift card immediately. I find the purchases are not always beneficial to our family; last week most of the items for this offer were snacks, foods we don't normally eat so I did not attempt to qualify for the free gas card. This week though, the items are just what I will need, so I look forward to taking advantage of the deal at least once this week.

The key to any of these offers is not to fall into the trap of purchasing just to take advantage of an offer. Remember the goal is to save money, so be mindful to compare your grocery store ads and your drugstore ads for greater savings. Move items around for shopping list to shopping list considering the purchase price and the items needed to qualify for an offer to get the most bang for your buck.

Have you taken advantage of any of the gas savings offers?

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