Wednesday, July 17, 2013

God is Faithful to Bring it to Past

Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon was truly a success!  Let me explain what I mean by "success".  God's will was done; He did what he set out to do...provide!.   When I prayed about our bedding situation God answered me with wisdom and instruction.  He gave it to me piece.  Please know that this was not a clear road map, but instead He gave a bit a time.  As I spoke about that which He laid upon my heart, He gave me a bit more.  Now, be mindful that as I received it, though I spoke it I did not necessarily have confidence about it, but I did choose to walk in faith.  You may recall from previous blog posts that I was concerned about the number of walkers and prayer warriors or lack there of.  I had a totally different idea of success; all the more reason to trust the Lord and that which he leads you to do.

Well, I am so glad to say our God does that which He wills.  I asked for provisions and he gave me a vision and instruction for those provisions, my job was to obey.  On Saturday, July, 13th, as planned we met with others at our home for prayer.  We were able to join hands across the front of our home, yeah!!! We laid our petitions before the Lord and gave Him praise for his many blessings. At Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon we had a total of 24 walkers, including children and we had 4 volunteers.  We collected enough money to meet our first goal which is to purchase a mattress for each one of us, thank you Lord!    It was such a day of peace and sweet fellowship...God was present.

I am in awe with God!  He has been so gracious to speak to me with wisdom and clarity AND He was faithful to bring it to past.  I can't express how humbled I am by His goodness. He spoke to my heart and I had the pleasure of seeing and experiencing His will, his purpose, his provisions unfold.

We still have some fundraising to do to meet our final goal of purchasing beds for the boys, that's 8 maybe 9 beds (see my recent post: If you pledged to sponsor one of us for the walk-a-thon and have not yet given us your funds or if you would like to make a donation you can do so on this blog using the Bowie Fire Fund "DONATE" button located in the right hand corner at the top of the page.

We are faithful and will complete this journey by having two more fundraisers.  On July 26th and July 27th we will have a Beds for Bowies Garage Sale.  We are in need of  your unwanted household items, tools etc. (no clothing).  And on July 27th, 11:00-1:00, we will have a Beds for Bowies Home Decor Party consisting of handcrafted and renewed home decor and furniture by Fruit of Her Hands. ALL the proceeds will go directly to Beds for Bowies. Please pray for us as we continue to trust in Him.

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