Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon, Are You In?

It's July and time is getting nearer, are you walking with us for Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon?  We need you!  Each of us have been diligently seeking sponsors.  It blesses my heart so to see our children humbly embrace this event. Each one is faithfully explaining to friends and family the purpose for this event as they seek support. Our ten year old has committed to walking the whole ten miles, one mile for each of us! What a blessing it will be when we return home and they rest upon their beds knowing that by faith we were blessed by God and the body of Christ.

Come join us in the walk!  You can walk 1 mile, 10 miles or anything in between.  How is the Lord leading you?  Contact us and we will send you this form so you can choose which Bowie(s) you are walking on behalf of and start getting sponsors and collecting donations.  Thank you for your support!

Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon
Saturday, July 13, 2013 9:00 a.m.
Lazelle Woods Park
(located on Lazelle Rd. between Worthington Galena Rd. and Sancus Blvd.)

Participants name:_____________________________________________________________________

Dear Sponsor,

I am participating in Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon.  All proceeds from this walk-a-thon will be used to purchase beds for the Bowie family of 10 who lost 2/3 of the contents of their home to a house fire.  I will be walking ______________ miles, 1 mile for each of the family members named noted below for a total of ____________ miles.  Thank you!

Bowie family members:
_____   Walter
_____   Michele
_____   Elijah
_____   Kelaiah
_____   Nehemiah
_____   Micah
_____   Isaiah
_____   Zechariah
_____   Ezekiel
_____   Malachi

Name of Sponsor
Pledge per mile
Maximum pledge
Total amount collected from Sponsor














*Make checks payable to Walter Bowie Fire Fund

Participants:  Our hope is that each participant will find 10 sponsors.  Please bring this form and your donations with you to the walk-a-thon. Thank you  again, for your support!

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