Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Children are a Heritage of the Lord

I am so grateful to the Lord for His mercy and grace which he has showered upon our children during this season of our lives.  Through the fire I have seen Him draw them unto him intimately as I have watched them search their souls and yield unto Him in submission.  I have seen them wrestle with our situation at times along with the truth of His word to be our "provider".  I seen them grow as individuals, His children, our gifts.  I am so grateful for the privilege to be their mother, each and everyone of them.

Our children are our heritage; God's children given to us by birth, gifts from Him.  I have received each one as a gift for I know that it is a privilege to be chosen by Him to bear and train them unto Him.  From conception I acknowledge His goodness to have selected me out of the many to nurture each one.  As with any heritage, the intent of the gift was for it be treasured, cared for on purpose, with much responsibility.  This is why it saddens me to loose one before I have the opportunity to fulfill my purpose, to play my role as mommy.

Not my will, but thine O Lord", is my thought right now as three weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant and after a visit to my doctor, I have found that my pregnancy may not be viable.  I have had two blood test which indicate a drop in my hcg levels which occurs when one miscarries, to date I have had no sign of a miscarriage.  I have another ultra sound scheduled for Monday and so in faith...and hope... and uncertainty, I trust in the Lord.  For His will is what I desire for me, for us.

And as I go through this time of not knowing what will become of my little glimpse of life in my womb, I look at our children and I say thank you Lord.

Thank for blessing with us with such a heritage as this.  Some inherit houses and land, but for us, O Lord, you have chosen us for a greater heritage, one that may live eternally, thank you God!

Please pray for our family, for our strength and our joy to be abundant in Him, thank you!

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