Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baby Bowie #11...A Test Of Our Faith

It's been one week since I had my first visit to the doctor for "Baby Bowie #11" and though my hcg levels are low there has still been no sign of miscarriage.  I am grateful for my faith in God!  Last week when I first heard of the possibility of a miscarriage I was not shaken, but by the next morning I was saddened by the thought of losing such a gift from God.  I then began to prepare myself for a miscarriage, a D&C and recovery.  By Sunday morning, I was again sad, so I cried out to the Lord. He ministered to me, giving me wisdom and truth by presenting the facts to me:  you are having no sign of miscarriage currently and you are not alone, you have me through this pregnancy with you...unto the end which is yet to be seen. I accepted those truths in my heart and mind and I chose to rejoice and praise Him.

Walter and I are at peace with our decision to wait on the Lord; this is yet another test of our faith.  It is a fact that when one has a miscarriage they usually have low hcg levels and it is also a fact that God is our creator and he is the author of life and death.  We will not interfere with God's plan by submitting to any procedure before His will of such is evident.  We know the reality of miscarriage from previous experience as well as we know the reality of God's sovereignty and his favor from previous experience.  We are looking forward to another ultra sound on Monday and we are very hopeful that our baby is well.  Will you join us in prayer for a mentally, physically and spiritually healthy Baby Bowie? 


  1. Michele, My prayers and thoughts are with you. We too, have gone through the anguish of miscarriage. I believe my girls have gained such a greater love of life and hatred of abortion due to them seeing me go through that. I will be in prayer for a healthy baby and momma. Love to you all.-Cory

  2. Hey Ms.Michele!

    congrats on the pregnancy, My prayers are with you and your baby and your family. Love you!!

  3. We serve an awesome God who loves us and answers our prayers. We join in prayer as we "wait on the Lord" together.

  4. Praying for your health and the baby's.

  5. Thank you all, we appreciate your prayers!

    The Bowie Family