Friday, June 21, 2013

Walking with Him...will you join us?

Walking takes a bit of confidence, first one step and then another.  Walking with God along this journey of life is just like that, one step at a time.  I took a few steps of faith and obedience unto the Lord after seeking Him for wisdom for provisions for beds for our family.  Quite frankly, this is a humbling experience for me, personally.  Not just the act of asking others for help, but more so, it is humbling to see the manifestation of God's love through him speaking to my heart so clearly and leading me to have this event, His event, and then to see Him at work...humbling indeed.  I am excited about the support and encouragement we have received so far for Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon. 

To give an update on what God is doing, one of my friends took the liberty to contact a bedding company on our behalf to obtain support for Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon and we have been offered a discount on mattresses,  praise the Lord!!!  We have also received a few donations, again, praise the Lord!!!  This has confirmed that we are in His will with this event. It just excites me because taking these steps of faith have been with some hesitation; even knowing it was from God, it seemed a bit precarious.  Thank you God for being the firm foundation on which I stand and a hand to hold when I walk with you!

Well, I have continued to ponder and plan the day of the event and now the order of the day is in place, but we need "walkers"... will you walk with us? This is a 10-mile walk.  We need ones who are willing to take on the challenge.  You can set your own goal.  For instance, you may plan to walk 5 miles of the 10-mile walk, great goal! Now, will you contact us to register as a "walker" and then share with your family and friends to get sponsors?  You can ask for $1 per mile from each sponsor, a total of $5.  If you have 10 sponsors you will raise $50!  Are you in...we need YOU!

Some have asks us if they could just make a donation.  Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.  To do so there is a "fire fund" set up for our family. This fund has been established at Fifth Third Bank. You can walk into the bank and simply identify the fund by name and make your donation or you can use this information at your own bank by giving it online or in person when making a transfer.  The information to do so is as follows:

Fifth Third Bank
Fund name: Walter Bowie Fire Fund
Routing number: 044002161
Account number: 728364

Please keep us in your prayers.  Pray that God's will be done with the Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon, that everyone participating will be safe, no dehydration or cramps and that His light will shine through each of us that day.

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