Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beds for Bowies

As most of you know, on Sunday, November 4, 2012 our family experienced a house fire in which 2/3 of our home was damaged and 2/3 of our belongs lost. We are grateful to God that everyone escaped safely, no smoke inhalation, nor injury.

This summer, I am diligently seeking furniture and accessories "second hand' to reestablish our home.  In doing so, I have been met with the reality that we all need new mattresses and "second hand' mattresses are just not an option.  Have you priced the cost of a new mattress lately, one that will last you more that a year or two?  Now, multiply that times 10!!!  EXPENSIVE... to put it mildly.  

Humbly, I have been asking God for wisdom.  It was laid on my heart to have a walk-a-thon.  That's right, "Beds for Bowies Walk-a-thon", Saturday, July 13, 2013, at 9:00 a.m.  We will first meet at our home at 8:00 a.m. and pray over the reconstruction and for our family.  Would you join us for prayer?  Then, we will drive to Lazelle Woods Park for a 10 mile walk-a-thon, would you sponsor one of us, $1 per mile?

We are also seeking sponsorship from a business or corporation who is willing to purchase a bed or beds for our family.  Do you know of such a business or corporation?  Please contact me. 

If you'd like to give a financial blessing, there is a "fire fund" set up for our family. This fund has been established at Fifth Third Bank. You can walk into the bank and simply identify the fund by name and make your donation or you can use this information at your own bank by giving it online or in person when making a transfer.  The information to do so is as follows:

Fifth Third Bank
Fund name: Walter Bowie Fire Fund
Routing number: 044002161
Account number: 7283640

We would appreciate your support.  Just as important as financial blessings, we are in need of prayer for continued wisdom, discernment, patience and peace for each of us.  Thank you in advance for your considerations for our family.

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