Thursday, June 13, 2013

His Plan, My Desire....His Blessing, My Reality

A few weeks ago, as I considered the fact that our Summer was going to be spent in the temporary home and that it was my responsibility to present this to my family with joy and zeal.  My heart was heavy; I just couldn't see it.  The backyard is spacious, yet, it is void of furniture, flowers...functionality and the deck, well let's just say it's seen better days. We also lacked outdoor equipment for the children to play with i.e. balls (basketball, football, dodge ball, soccer ball etc.) and wheels (skateboards, bikes and roller blades).  In my conversations with the Lord I told him of my woes, okay, I had a pity party before Him. God's presence and his listening ear was a comfort to me; I felt a peace in my heart.

As I went about my Tuesday morning ventures of seeking items to renew, I walked right into two cute, metal beverage tables and I suddenly had a vision me painting them and placing them on that old deck covered with an outdoor carpet, flanked with a couple of cute chairs surrounded by beautiful clay pots painted by my daughter.  I walked over to check the price...$2 each!  I snatched them right up with a smile.  My Tuesday venture now had a specific purpose...decorating the deck and readying myself for Spring.  I smiled at God, for I knew it was his plan.

I decided on a color palette and set my heart and mind to the task.  I painted the tables and for the next few days, I browsed through many thrift stores for outdoor furniture and accessories.

It was my heart's desire to set the stage for sweet fellowship.  With a limited budget and the fact that I may not have use for the items when we return home I was determined to find bargains.   While looking for these items I found a few balls, a plastic bat and a skateboard.  I also picked up seeds, potting soil and flower pots, all within my budget.  I could just see what an inviting space it would be!

The week long shopping venture was tiring, but fun, as I only gave myself one week to complete the shopping, planting and renewing of the items I found because my project "to do list" was already more than I would have liked.  I also wanted my family to begin to enjoy the outdoor space and all that God had blessed us with.

Well, after a bit of soap and water, paint and clear sealant and the help of my artistic daughter, we now have a very functional space, a container garden and a few outside activities.  His plan is my reality, now we can certainly have sweet fellowship here!

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