Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Follow Me...

Yes, I am encouraging you to follow me on this journey of shopping wisely as a lifestyle, not a fad. God has called us each to be a good steward, a person who administers the property, house, finances, etc, of another. All that we have is His. God is the owner of all things, for they come from Him and are ruled by Him. Good stewardship enables us to have more resources to build the kingdom of God.

As I find out about great deals I will share them via Twitter @fruitofherhand. I will continue to use my blog for encouragement, information, updates and more, so it is advantageous to subscribe to both my twitter @fruitofherhand and my blog http://michele-fruitofherhands.blogspot.com/. Today I will try to get you caught up on some of the great deals we were unable to share at my coupon gathering normally held on Mondays. Have a great day full of Wise Shopping!

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