Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring Is Certainly Here...A Time To Plant

It's Spring and I am excited! As a homeschool mom, when Spring begins, I see it as a season of opportunity; a time to start a fresh and a new, a time to reevaluate myself and my children and a time to enjoy "my man".  I look forward to spontaneous games with the children, Friends Day (Tuesday evenings), S'mores and impromptu dates.

This year it shall be no different; I refuse to allow our current situation of still being in the temporary house while "our home" is reconstructed to put a damper on this season.  Though the reality of the lack of comfort and normalcy did plague me for a moment, the Lord did enlighten and encourage me.  My family needs me to be faithful, to plant the seeds of the season that we might reap a harvest in the days to come. And that I will, I am simply going to carry on as normal even the planting of a container garden. For God holds our future in his hands and it is merely my job to be a willing vessel in his plan for the Bowies.

With that thought in mind I realize there is much preparation to take place to plant seeds for our harvest.  I must prepare the land, the hearts of our children as we enter in to this season.  I must also seek and find the merchandise or furniture for our home I will invest in, renewing each piece specifically for our use. And I must daily submit my heart to Christ that I am able to work the Bowie garden so that we will at seasons end yield much good fruit.  I know the task at hand is not an easy one.

As I pondered these things I still found it difficult to know where and how to begin when things appear to be so different this year.  The Lord reminded me I am not starting life over, I am just doing life in a different place. Oh yea! I am glad the Lord laid it upon my heart, years ago, to have a family fun camp at the park. In my planning, I started there.  It has always been a foundational part of our Spring and Summer to have Virtue Family Fun Camp. We invite friends to bring a sack lunch, listen to read aloud stories, have a book review, make a craft and enjoy some playtime while the moms have a book review and prayer time.  I am looking forward to this more this year than I have in the past.  I so want our children to make good memories during this transitional time in our lives.  For myself, I look forward to growing in Christ with my sisters in Christ and having prayer time in the park, which will be an extended time this year, because I need it.  As they have for the past couple of years the boys will also participate in sports camp and we will commit to a few volunteer opportunities as a family.

I am also looking forward to helping my children build good character, encouraging them and pulling the weeds of the flesh i.e. selfishness, pride, lying etc. In this season, there always appears to be more time to converse with them and pray with them.  I spend most of my time with them, in their presence, engaged with them in a more enjoyable, relaxed setting.  Our home becomes more a place of rest and relaxation, restoration and renewal.  We will have extended morning devotions together outside or on the couch, academic time to practice basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills using games, flashcards etc. and we'll go on field trips for hands on learning and fun.  I don't know if it's the warmth of the sun or the grace of the season that warms my heart so and draws me closer to my family, my friends and closer to God, but I am excited to embark upon it.

What about you; are you looking forward to season?


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