Tuesday, May 28, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

At the beginning of April we were showered with disappointment with regards to the reconstruction/remodel of our home.  The builder we hired was not working efficiently, to put it kindly.  We were about four months into the perspective date of our reconstruction/remodel and only about ten percent of the work had been complete.  This presented us with a major decision to dismiss this builder from our project. With this decision came much frustration and anxiety as we were not sure what to do since we only had the recommendation of one other building company from our insurance company who gave us the recommendation of first builder. 

After much conversation and prayer, Walter and I decided to go with our second recommendation and trust the Lord to prevail.  As this builder looked into what was virtually no work done, they went to confirm that the proper permits had been filed so they could get to work.  This resulted in more disappointment as there were no building permits applied for...none!  They inquired about applying for a partial permit to at least begin working and found this was no longer allowed.  Again, more disappointment.  The only option was to apply for work permits needed for the complete job of reconstruction and remodel with the expectancy of a 4-6 week wait for the permits to be approved.

Well, I am glad to say, it did not take 6 weeks, as they have begun the initial work needed to get started on the project.  There is much digging going on right now as we are expanding the rear of our home as part of the remodel. I am faithful that May flowers are on their way.

Please keep us in your prayers as these "showers" mean we will not be back in our "home" this Summer.  I am now attempting to make the adjustment to be in our temporary home for a bit longer.  This comes with many mental and physical adjustments as we are use to enjoying our decks and swimming in our pool at our leisure, oh and enjoying "Friend's Day" each Tuesday throughout the Summer.  As God would have it, that will not be so this summer and we have accepted that to be not His will.

So, my current venture  is to make this place our "summer home", a place of restoration of heart and mind, relaxation, fellowship and fun...fun...fun!  Will you help?  I am seeking a few items:  an outside rug (so we can use the very old deck), a volleyball net and volleyballs (doesn't replace the pool but makes for good spontaneous fun), a basketball hoop and basketball, bikes and helmets, and a fire pit.  If you are getting rid of any of these things in your garage sale or you plan to donate them this season, please consider us and again, keep us in your prayers.  I am anticipating the great things He has planned for us!

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