Monday, December 31, 2012

A Reflection of His Light

For the Bowie family, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to reflect upon what his birth means to us.  This year when the Christmas season came we were trying to get reestablished from our house fire. Each day was long and I personally felt stretched to encourage and assist my husband in all of his tasks and care for the children, as well as to make our temporary house a home. 

When it came time for our annual 12 days of Christmas and our winter break, my heart yearned to reach out to others, to display His love. There was so much on my plate, yet we all desired to bless others as we had in the past and that’s what we did. We put the daunting tasks of the fire aside and started baking and preparing for our outreach projects. We also shopped for other children and gathered food from our pantry.  As we did that, God did what God does; He was our provider.  He sent ones to share their Christmas decorations, ones to shop for our family, ones to share from the treasures of their heart and home.  I became overwhelmed with His goodness.

In this, a time that could be very dark, Jesus has been our light. He has shown us much grace. He has provided us with His goodness through His people; family, friends and strangers. When the fire happened I prayed “Lord please don’t let us go through this alone“. For we were so ignorant as to how to handle a situation such as this. But God! He is a light unto our path providing us with much wisdom and peace. He guided us to focus not on ourselves, but on others and He so kindly focused on us. What an awesome God!

As always, on Christmas morning each of us had an opportunity to share what the birth of Jesus means to us personally. I was so moved by the responses of our children; they saw Jesus as our light, our sustainer, our provider, our God. Their testimony of His goodness, through this fire, blessed my heart. Oh, for each of them to recognize Him for themselves. What a Christmas gift!

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