Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank the Lord for Thursdays!

I am sitting here on Friday afternoon thanking God for the date I had with my husband last night...dinner by candle light!

I can not say that our marriage has been without frustrations and disappointments nor can I say that there haven't been times when I have wanted to give up.  What I can say is that I sought the Lord for my husband and He opened my eyes and my heart to Walter Bowie and confirmed in me His will for us to marry.  Since that day, I have been dedicated to loving him with all of my heart, second only to the Lord.

Along our journey we have been blessed with 10 beautiful children who I love dearly, but nothing like the love I have for Walter.  My love for him is deep; I made a covenant to be his bride unto death not only unto him, but unto our Lord and that is what bind us.  Through good, bad and indifferent my heart yearns to be right with him, I love him so.

It has been so good to have a love like this, especially as I go through the seasons of life as a mother of many, grandma, friend, servant of the Lord etc. The tragedy of the fire has brought unto me the reality that life as we know it this moment is not promised and that having a marriage with Christ as the foundation is must.  Life situations and circumstances are that which test your faith and that which can destroy marriages.  I refuse to allow that to happen to us and thus I choose to cling to God and cling to Walter.

One of the blessings of our marriage has been our commitment to have a date every Thursday.  We have not allowed finances, pregnancies :), indifference nor tragedy keep us from this special time. We have kept it simple yet intimate...dinner and a movie together in the "Love Nest" (our bedroom).  It is not a time for the discussions of life, but a time to be "together".  Now, I must say that there have been times that we have come together with indifference and one or both of us have had little or nothing to say, but we met just the same and were blessed in the midst.

When we made the commitment to have a date on Thursday over 14 years ago little did we know it would be such a blessing to us, but God did!  At times it has been the anchor that has kept our ship from drifting away from God.  For me some weeks it is my motivation to make it through one more day for I know Thursday is coming and at other times I have looked forward to it that it would rekindle the fire that was seemingly burning out.  Walter and I  both agree that God has blessed us tremendously through this commitment and for that we are grateful.

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