Friday, February 22, 2013

Reflecting on His Favor

This has been an emotional couple of weeks for me, personally and I am amazed at the goodness and favor of the Lord. My faith has increased due to the tragedy of this fire; I have sought the Lord in a different way for I was at a loss and didn't even know how to begin such tasks. I have been totally dependent on Him for wisdom and power to see me through.  Getting the process of the restoration and reconstruction moving while caring for our family was all so much to handle...but God was gracious.

I can't say enough about His lovingkindness unto me; He has been an ever present help in the time of trouble.  The greatest task was that of reviewing and recollecting the contents of our home and gathering prices to assure proper compensation of our belongings. Though I knew it was my job as helpmeet to Walter and administrator of our home, frankly I could not do it on my own, I needed help...divine help.  Daily, I sought the Lord with sincerity, every step of the way and His comforting presence was ever so apparent to me.

God was no shorter than His Word, I asked for wisdom and He gave me wisdom...liberally, clearly and precisely.  I know it was Him for I had no knowledge or experience to lead me through the pages and pages of information to be considered and the decisions needed to be made.  The Lord gave me peace as we (He and I) visited our belongings and met with the insurance representative.  He put the words in my mouth that I would ask the questions necessary; He even put sweet words of compassion in the mouths of those who dealt with me regarding our belongings.  One might think, "maybe it is just a good company that you are dealing with", maybe that is so, but He gave me favor each time I had to return to the restoration company as well as when dealing with our insurance representative.  I met no opposition, contention nor confusion, instead I was shown empathy and respect.  His grace and mercy have covered me. I am grateful for such favor from the Lord!  By His grace I have completed the tasks regarding the contents of our home.  We now know the bulk of our loss and what our immediate needs are as well as what the major needs are for returning to our home. Thank you, Lord!

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