Thursday, January 29, 2009

Creative Memories Everyday Display featured in Magazine

Basic Techniques Department

Square One: Head for the Wall Part III - Magnetic Personality

I couldn't resist another installment of Head for the Wall. Part III has the subtitle "Magnetic Personality" because the projects are based on frames with a magnetic surface in the center, just right for easy to change wall d├ęcor. Pop a square into position, hold it in place with four super strong magnets; add some hanging elements across the front and the project is done in a jiffy.

Mini Heritage Everyday Display

Intermediate Project

by Jen Pohl for Creative Memories

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to create simple projects, this is a good place to start. The magnetic surface and magnets offer a lot of flexibility and endless options. Change your mind; replace what you had! It's that easy.

Mia's Room

Intermediate Project

by Addie Rysavy for Creative Memories

Getting started:
Use the two projects shown (courtesy of Creative Memories) for inspiration. If you want to duplicate them exactly as shown, step by step instructions and supply lists are provided.

Some of the many possibilities:
*Change the art each week and make an album out of the 52 different squares at the end of the year.
*Invite eleven friends to join a swap, each person choosing a month and including a calendar in their creations.
*Take turns - get the kids in on the act. Let them make layouts to welcome house guests or to celebrate special occasions.
*Surprise the family - don't tell them when a new work of art will appear...but reward the first person who notices with a special treat.
*Make wedding, anniversary, or graduation gifts.
*Think of the frame as a scrapbook page for the wall, or use the square space for collage, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, children's art work - more like a bulletin board.
*Switch the hanging elements whenever new layouts are added - think of this part of the design as a headline.
*Consider the piece to be a family message center and hang tickets, appointment reminders, and such across the front instead of using that space for lettering or dates.
*Because there is no glass across the front add as much dimension as desired.
*Instead of a layout, frame a single photo print, piece of beautiful scrapbook paper or gift wrap.
*Showcase report cards, a team photo or other timely bits and pieces.

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